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Who we are

Discover our Group:
WASTELESS Bags is the WASTELESS Group Business Unit dedicated to bags.

Bags for all uses

The reusable bag is a wonderful vector of communication conveyed by your customers.
Whether you gave it away or sold it over the counter, or even offered it as part of a marketing campaign, it will give your brand the best visibility, with no time limit.

Choose your format

Classic or original?
Can be fitted into a pocket or bag?
Carried on the shoulder, on the back or in the hand?
Shopping bag, tote bag, cooler bag?

Let your imagination run free for a customized bag whatever its dimensions.

Wide choice of materials

Pioneers trough and trough, we are on the lookout for all technical and eco-responsible innovations.
Whether you focus on durability or degradability, we will be able to offer you the material best suited to your expectations.
You will have the choice between different options: recyclable, bio-based or compostable.
Whatever your decision, we will always accompany you in an environmentally friendly approach.